play mornings with Mark & Jess


Mark is a born and raised Regina kid. He loves everything about the city except when Geese are walking across Broad Street holding up traffic… he doesn’t like that.

Something No One Knows About Mark: He wishes he was an extra in the 2005 Ryan Reynolds film that was shot in Regina and area called Just Friends.


Jess was born and raised less than an hour from Regina in Fort Qu’Appelle. Her love of performing and musical theatre led her to check out a broadcasting program through her high school and the rest is history…which is probably for the best because her parents didn’t know how to break it to her that the singing career wasn’t going to work out. Jess loves chatting about anything from dogs to sports to the best new show to binge and is always up for trying something new!

Something no one knows about Jess: Jess loves to learn rap songs, she’ll listen to the same one on repeat until she gets all the words right!