Get Bidding On Items In The Better You Auction

Hello (is this how you start a blog)!

This is my first time blogging, so bear with me! And for full transparency, I was asked by my bosses to blog about the auction, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t looked through the items and found some rad stuff I would bid on!

Let’s start with the first item that caught my eye! Since I’m an avid golfer, I would be all over this!! You can bid on a package that includes golf for 4 people and power carts for Habor Golf and RV Park in Elbow, Saskatchewan. The drive is only 157kms from Regina… but I will warn you, it’s normally quite windy there so don’t expect to shoot the lights out! I’ve played the course before and I really enjoyed it. This package is worth $320.00 and as I’m writing this blog the current bid is $35.00!! Click here to get your bid in!

The second item that caught my eye was an e-Bike from Biktrix Electric Bikes! I went biking out at Buffalo Pound last summer and the climb up the hill almost killed me (don’t judge me). If I had an e-bike, life would have been much easier. The value of the bike is $2,199… the current bid is $255.00 which is wild! Click here to get your bid in!

You have 5 days left to bid on these items, and a bunch of others that are part of the Harvard Media Better You Auction. Don’t miss out on snagging some great items for an unbelievable price!!

Ok… bye (is this how you end a blog)!

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