Taylor Swift and… Sports Betting?!

Taylor swift and sports betting is never something I thought would be said in the same sentence, yet here we are!

Now that the Chief’s are headed to the Super Bowl, people are betting on a bunch of Taylor related things!

  • Will Taylor swift will attend?

  • What color lipstick she’s going to wear?

  • How many times will she be mentioned?

  • Will she be shown before the first touchdown?

  • And the biggest one … will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor swift? Or, will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor swift on the field? I’m gonna say hard no but you also never know!

I’m not one to bet on things or gamble, I don’t like the idea of possibly losing more money than I put in. I would rather just keep the money I have and live my best life. I am SUCH a big Taylor Swift fan though, that this might change my mind. I would bet that there’s no world where she wouldn’t show up to something this big, when she definitely could. I could see her staying back, and maybe watching/ supporting her man from somewhere inside the stadium, to keep the attention off her. But, she will be there. I would also bet on her lipstick, if you take a look at all her past Chief’s game looks, she’s wearing red lipstick. If you’re a big fan, you would know that it will 10/10 be red. That’s her classic look, and the Chief’s colour is red…. it makes the most sense. Even if I bet $2 and came out the other side with $3, I’d be one happy gal.

What do you think is going to happen? Will she show up? Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce get engaged? Will she announce reputation (Taylor’s Version) right after the game? Will she show up on stage with User? I’m so ready to see this all unfold. Thanks to Taylor Swift, I’m actually excited to watch the big game this year. And like, actually watch the game, not just the halftime show and make a lot of food.

Are you ready for it?

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