Worst Things In Your Trick-Or-Treat Bag

We are all so lucky to be able to just walk up to someone’s door and they toss candy they purchased with their hard earned money into our pillowcase/bucket. But that won’t stop us from counting down the least-liked items you find when you dump it out in your basement when you get home while watching Scream with your best buddies and eating way too many mini chocolate bars to the point where you’re buried under a pile of them

Let’s get to it.

10- Tootsie Rolls. What are we doing here? Is this chocolate? Is it plastic chocolate? The different flavoured ones can get a slight pass but still – it’s giving *chapstick* vibes

9- Pencils or Halloween Themed Erasers. Just no. Plus they taste terrible (This is a Ryder joke – sorry)

8- Smarties. We have gone too long pretending that these are good. Maybe they used to be better as a child, and perhaps kids love them still. But they’ve gone down hill and anytime you eat it in ice cream it tastes like lipstick. lol.

7- Wagon Wheels. Maybe this is tradition, because there’s no way this is a new choice that makes any sense. They end up getting crushed at the bottom of the bag from cans of pop and you end up throwing it out or it sits in your lunch kit for 3 weeks before getting tossed.

6- Plain Chips. Is it the year of the plain chip? We hope not. Where’s the flavour? Does anyone else just feel sad after downing a bag of greasy plain chips? It needs dip!

5- Gumballs. I mean – we’re still going to eat it, but we aren’t going to be satisfied at all. Also, the bottom of our bathroom garbage bin that we forgot to add a bag to isn’t going to be happy. Your stale, chewed up gum lives there forever now.

4- Crispy Crunches. When an 11 year old says no to these, you know they’re bad. We’re convinced they were invented by dentists to literally cause a cavity immediately after consuming it because the entire thing just clings to the inside of your teeth???

3-Rockets. Don’t get me wrong, if these are the only option we will eat them in one quick slide down the plastic wrapper. It’s just a strange consistency. They always seem to be the last option in the bowl at the front desk of any establishment. We think that’s a sign.

2- Raisins. What?

1- Those Coffee Flavoured Toffee Things wrapped in orange Halloween themed wax paper. WHO LIKES THESE??????????

Thank you for joining us for this rant and big thanks to our listeners who helped us compile this. You are all the best. Lol.

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