Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Broke The Internet

Taylor sitting beside Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce’s mom at the game against the Bears yesterday at Arrowhead Stadium BROKE the internet. This is the first time Taylor has dabbled with professional sports athletes and we have a lot of thoughts.

First of all – shout out to Travis Kelce’s mom – not only did BOTH of her sons make it to the Super Bowl in 2023 – now she’s hanging out with the biggest pop star in the world watching her son score a touchdown.

Travis Kelce wrote publicly that he wanted to hang out with Taylor after seeing her perform at Arrowhead Stadium back in July – where he was disappointed to find out he couldn’t meet her. It was then in September that rumours were flying that they were quietly hanging out. The photos of her at the game are solid proof, as they drove off together after the Chiefs won 41 – 10.

The irony of her dating Travis has NOT gone unnoticed by Swifties around the world. First of all – sorry in advance to other Chiefs fans because the swifties will be selling out Arrowhead from now on in hopes to see their idol in the crowd, again.

Her album 1989 is funny to some – as that’s the year Travis was born. Also her song/album RED is hilarious as she is absolutely in her RED era – that being the teams main colour.

She has sung about being the girl in the bleachers – and here we are. We feel bad for Kris Jenner who has been working tirelessly getting Kylie and Timothee in the news – and the same day Taylor and Travis went viral it was the ACTUAL superbowl announcement of Usher performing with Kim K being featured in the promotional video. I feel like Kris Jenner was flipping tables yesterday. Lol. Excited to see where this relationship goes – as we know all of the sports writers have their heads down writing as many Taylor Swift puns possible for the rest of the NFL season.

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