Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film is already breaking records!

Taylor Swift is releasing an Era’s tour movie only in theaters beginning October 13th, 2023!

At first, it was just announced at US theaters so I thought to myself, “why does she seem to dislike Canada so much.” I was truly READY to book a hotel and drive out to somewhere in the US… just to see a movie.

Then, it was announced at cineplex/ Landmark theaters across Canada, so I booked some tickets up right away!

I am SO ready for the era’s tour!! I am ready to plan my outfit, and live it up like I’m ACTUALLY going to the concert. I mean, this is the closest I’ll probably ever get to seeing her again, or on this tour, and it was only $19.89 ( if you know, you know) so I guess my besties, our friendship bracelets and I will take it.

So far, the tour movie has already broken records set by Avengers: End game as the most tickets sold in the first 24 hours. Ticket sales alone have already surpassed C$33.9 million ( USD $25 million) in ticket sale revenue, breaking the previous $16.9 million record held by Spiderman: No Way Home in 2021. There are already a few movies that have pushed up their movie release dates too.

I think this is going to be a big one, and I am SO ready for it!

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