AQUA – Regina – Brandt Centre – August 29th, 2023

Aqua played at the Brandt Centre yesterday!! How cool was that?!

Let’s start with the Much Music Dance Party. I thought that was such a fun way to pump up the crowd. It felt like a proper Play 92 dance party! It was fueled with nostalgia which really set the mood for the whole night.

Now, for Aqua! I think they are really fun! No lip singing or heavy backing tracking, just pure talent and fun! They were really good too! I liked how much love they gave Regina throughout the show. You could tell that they didn’t just stop in without knowing what city they were playing that night. It was truly a night to remember for most. Seeing everyone dance and smile was really nice to see. It may have been a Tuesday night, but in that building, it felt like a Friday.

Fingers crossed Aqua comes back to Regina again!

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