Public Safety Alert: Sex Offender Living in Regina

Regina Police are warning the public about a convicted sex offender, now living the Heritage Neighbourhood in Regina.

39 year old Louis Ted Mercredi has a history of violent sex offenses. While he completed programming in prison, its noted he did not make any progress in reducing his high risk to re-offend.

Here is what police provided about Mercredi’s history:

“Louis Ted Mercredi has a criminal history which includes violent sexual offences and has a history of reoffending. During his time of incarceration, he did complete programing designated to address his risk factors. However, Louis Ted Mercredi has not made any progress in reducing his high risk to re-offend violently. He just completed a 200 day sentence for breaching his Long Term Supervision order. At prior sentencing he was designated as a Dangerous Offender and was given a Long Term Supervision order for ten years.”

Mercredi has numerous conditions he must adhere to.

Please note: release decisions are made following the provisions of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act; these decisions are not made by police.

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