2023 seed germination tests look good

The molecular lab manager at Discovery Seed Labs in Saskatoon says seed quality for the 2023 crops is good, with not a lot of bad news to deliver.

Sandy Junek released fall germination and vigour statistics at the Saskatchewan SeedGrowers Association annual general meeting in Saskatoon this month.

Junek says wheat germination was 95 percent, and vigor 92 percent.

The average germination for durum is 93.7 percent with vigour at 89.4 percent.

He says less than three percent of durum tested was under 85 percent germination.

Junek says barley was at 95.5 percent germination.

Oat germination and vigour are equally impressive.

Oats germination was 96.7 percent, and vigor at 93.1 percent.

The average flax germination was 88.1 percent.

This is much better than last year when 29 percent of flax had under 85 percent germination.

In peas germination was 90 percent.

Sandy Junek is the Molecular Lab Manager at Discovery Seed Labs in Saskatoon.
(with files from cjww)

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