Efforts made to improve food trade in border city of Lloydminster

The provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta are partnering with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to remove barriers to interprovincial food trade in the city of Lloydminster.

The two year pilot is designed to help other similar border towns throughout Canada.

The pilot project, administered by the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce, will ease the challenges faced by food businesses in Saskatchewan and Alberta for trade in all of the city of Lloydminster.

The goal is for safe food as if there was no provincial border.

Saskatchewan Agriculture minister David Marit says the goal is to reduce bureaucratic red tape and the pilot program will ease trade across the city and the border.

Under the pilot program, federal regulations will essentially treat the city as if it is located in a single province.

The two year project will provide time to collect data and inform long-term solutions.

Ultimately, food businesses will be able to trade safe foods within Lloydminster while operating under provincial oversight.

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