Regina-born actor is heading to Argentina for award-winning Sweeney Todd production

Griffin Hewitt was born and raised in Regina and developed his love for acting in the city.

He’s a part of the alumni of the Do It With Class (DIWC) Young People’s Theatre and Sheridan College’s Musical Theatre Performance Program. He’s performed in a variety of local shows like The Rocky Horror Show, Footloose, and Into The Woods. 

Over the last several years, he’s developed his professional acting career and is currently working in Toronto.

Now he not only works as an actor but also as a director, a writer, and a musician.

He’s currently preparing to travel to Argentina with Talk Is Free Theatre for their award-winning production of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. 

This production was supposed to hit the stage in 2020 but was ultimately put on hold. Then in the summer of 2022, the show took to the stage in Toronto.

“It was a really great run in Toronto and we received a few awards at the Dora Awards and because of that, I think there was some energy behind the whole production and the company’s take on the story. So, then we decided to travel to another country to take it farther and wider,” says Hewitt.

The production of Sweeney Todd will grace the stages in Argentina in February.

Hewitt is also Directing another show in Argentina during this time frame and he says he’ll be in Argentina for roughly two weeks.

In Sweeney Todd, Hewitt is playing Anthony, “The young romantic sailor (but) he doesn’t end up killing anybody which is nice.”

Hewitt tells 620CKRM that this will be a brand-new experience for him and his career.

“I’ve never been outside of North America before so it’s definitely very exciting to get to travel anyways and in general to get to travel and to bring your art and Canadian theatre to another continent. It’s definitely very exciting,” says Hewitt.

Hewitt says he is unsure of whether or not he’ll participate in any productions in the prairies in the future but he will never forget his roots while working in the big cities.

“Although I’ve been in Toronto for a while now, I’m still basically a prairie boy at heart. People don’t appreciate the degree to which Regina is a great training ground for the arts. There have always been so many opportunities locally for people to jump into high-quality theatrical productions. My experiences growing up gave me the love and appreciation for creative and original theatre that drive me today,” Hewitt says.

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