Reservations open in April for campsites in provincial parks

Reservations for campsites in Saskatchewan’s provincial parks will open in the first week of April.
On Monday April 3, all parks participating in the seasonal camping program will open.
Then on the following days, nightly, Camp-Easy and group campsites will open for specific parks. On April 4 reservations will be open for Candle Lake, Good Spirit Lake, Meadow Lake and Saskatchewan Landing. On April 6, it’s Douglas, Echo Valley, Makwa Lake, Narrow Hills and Pike Lake. On April 10, it’s Danielson, Great Blue Heron, Greenwater Lake, Rowan’s Ravine and The Battlefords.  On April 11, it’s Buffalo Pound, Bronson Forest, Duck Mountain and Moose Mountain. Then on April 12, it’s Blackstrap, Crooked Lake, Cypress Hills and Lac La Ronge.

This year, an annual vehicle entre to parks will cost $82, an increase of $7, a weekly entry will cost $42 – a $2 hike from last year – and daily vehicle entry is now up to $11, up from $10 last year.

Vehicle entry fees have increased this year, as have the camp-easy sites.

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