City yet to issue ticket for sidewalk clearing bylaw

The City of Regina has yet to issue any tickets to residents for failing to clear their sidewalks.

Earlier this year, the City confirmed that it would start issuing tickets for residents who failed to clear their sidewalks of snow.

Since the initial snowfall in early November, the City has seen 468 cases of an investigation by Bylaw Enforcement Officers (BEO), with 292 notices of non-compliance issued.

Despite close to 500 cases, no violation tickets have been issued, though 51 cases were cleared by the City, with the costs being applied to the property tax account.

Of the remaining cases, 292 were voluntarily complied with, 86 are currently open, and 123 cases were found to have no violation when the BEO completed the inspection.

Based on the closed cases, the city has a compliance rate of 86.6%.

It was at the start of 2022 that the bylaw came into effect that would see all property owners, residential and commercial, must clear snow and ice from their sidewalks within 48 hours of the snowfall.

Those who do not comply could face a $100 fine plus the cost of the City to clear the walkway.

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