Family/Grandparent Emergency scam making the rounds again

Saskatoon police are alerting the public to a scam making its way around.

Saskatoon police have received multiple reports of family or grandparent emergency scams. These scams often have someone claiming to be a family member in financial distress, needing thousands of dollars for medical bills. They will sometimes work in tandem with another person claiming to be a doctor, lawyer or other authority.

The scammers are apparently researching their victims on social media for their family and their personal information.

Victims are handing over money to a man claiming to be a bail bondsman, a bailiff or a courier … money in the neighbourhood of $9,000 to $9,800.

This man is being described as tall, slim, well dressed, with a medium to dark complexion, and clean-cut hair/facial hair.

A total of about $100,000 has been reported stolen during this time.

Police are asking that people make sure their security settings on social media are stricter, and that any vulnerable members of your family be alerted to the scam.

If you have any information that can help with the investigation, contact Crimestoppers or Saskatoon police.

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