Rebellion Beer Fans Line up to get Inked

For some tattoos are something they get to show love for a sports team, fandom, or as an homage to a pet or loved one.

Regina based Rebellion Brewing asked fans of their beer to sit down and get inked with the Rebellion Brewing logo. The response was overwhelming.

Courtesy: Rebellion Brewery/Instagram

In less than 24 hours 50 spots for inkwork by 3 prominent Regina tattoo artists were filled.

“Tattoos have always been a big part of Rebellion Brewing culture. We feature artwork from tattoo artists on our beer cans. It was a natural fit.”

Matt Barton is the communications manager for Rebellion – and says the brewery sought out local artists.

“Spencer from Golden Spider Tattoo has played a big role at rebellion – you’ll see a lot of their art on our cans.”

The tattoos will be given in the next few weeks by Spencer, Jeff from Midnight Oil, and Shaggie from Gaslight Tattoo. The tattoo comes with a lifetime friends and family discount at the Rebellion  tap room.

“We had no idea how popular this would be. You have to be pretty die hard to get a rebellion tattoo. If you’re going to be that big of a Rebellion fan to have ink on your arm or leg forever – we will give you 10% off when you go to the taproom and show your tattoo.”

Rebellion Brewing CEO Mark Heise and his team are no strangers to creative marketing. In November the Rebellion team handed coupons to football fans coming off flights into Regina during GreyCup weekend. That promotion led to one of the companies most successful weeks in 2022.


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