COVID-19, Influenza on the decline in Saskatchewan

COVID-19 and flu numbers are down in the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s first CRISP report of 2023.
The Community Respiratory Illness Surveillance Program report was delayed a day due to the holidays.
Lab confirmed positive cases of COVID decreased from 703 to 628 over the reporting period of Dec. 18 to Dec. 31, while lab confirmed positive cases of influenza were down sharply from 679 to 191 over the same period.
There were 195 admissions to hospital for people with COVID-19 and 16 of those were in ICU. That’s down from 236 hospitalizations in the previous reporting period.We went down from the 679 influenza positive tests in the previous reporting period to 191 in this period.
There were 38 cases of influenza for people in hospital that were reported, down considerably from the 112 cases in the previous period. RSV activity is increasing – going up to 343 from 236 in the same reporting period. RSV detections increased over the past month from 83 to 176 cases last week. Lab test positivity tripled from 5.0 per cent to 15 per cent.
There were 10 COVID-19 deaths in the two week reporting period, while there were three for influenza.

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