Additional vaccination option have been announced for children

The provincial government announced more options for children when it comes to getting COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations are now available.

This announcement comes as respiratory illnesses in children continue to run rampant, putting heavy pressure on provincial acute and primary health care systems as people seek treatment for their symptoms.

According to the announcement’s news release, having a COVID-19 booster in the last six months reduces the risk of a COVID-19 death eight times compared to unvaccinated individuals, and more than four times compared to those without a recent booster dose.

As of Monday, January 9, children five to eleven years will be able to get the Pfizer bivalent COVID-19 vaccine as a first or additional booster.

In Saskatchewan, children five to 11 years of age may receive the Pfizer bivalent vaccine as a booster dose four months following their primary series or four months following their original COVID-19 vaccine booster dose (fourth dose).

For children 12 to 17 years of age, the Novavax Nuvaxovid vaccine will be available as a primary series and booster dose.

Due to limited supply of both of these vaccines, they’ll only be available through certain public health clinics under the  Saskatchewan Health Authority, Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority,  and Indigenous Services Canada.

The vaccines will not be available through pharmacies at this time.

Information on all COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada is available here.

For the influenza vaccine, children aged six months to four years can only be immunized at a public health office or by a physician or nurse practitioner.

Only select physician offices offer influenza vaccines, people can contact their doctor’s office to see if the influenza vaccine is available.

Residents five years of age and older can receive their flu vaccine at participating pharmacies, SHA public health clinics, and some physician and nurse practitioner officers.

For COVID-19 vaccinations, those five years and older should receive one bivalent booster four months after completing their primary series or since their last COVID-19 vaccine booster dose (regardless of how many doses you have previously received).

However, for children who are 12 years of age or older and have received an original COVID-19 vaccine for their fall booster instead of a bivalent vaccine, they are not eligible to receive a bivalent dose at this time.

Epidemiological evidence, data on waning immunity, emerging variants, and new vaccines will determine future booster dose recommendations.

Children six months to four years of age are also not eligible to receive a booster dose at this time but should complete their primary series.

You can book your vaccination through the SHA online or visit a walk-in clinic.

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