Saskatchewan 911 operators release list of bad calls

If you have swallowed a mosquito, or if you’re out of milk, first of all, that’s unfortunate for you.
Second, don’t call 911.
Saskatchewan RCMP’s Operational Communication Centre, or OCC, released a list of their top 10 calls that missed the mark in 2022.
One caller advised OCC operators they had swallowed a mosquito, choked and lost their dentures, leaving them unable to eat supper. Another caller advised they were out of milk and requested RCMP officers pick some up for them.
One person who said they needed assistance deleting a voicemail off their phone, a person complaining that their roommate ate all of their fast food order, an a person who called 911 when their water wouldn’t go down the drain after a bath.
An OCC spokeswoman said every moment that they are spending speaking with someone who is complaining about their shopping experience or wanting to prank call 911 is time that call-takers and officers could have been helping someone in a life-threatening situation.

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