Regina Crime Stoppers releases 2022 numbers

2022 was a successful year for Regina Crime Stoppers (RCS).

RCS received 715 tips last year, which resulted in 24 arrests, 44 charges laid, and 35 cleared cases with a total value of property, drugs and cash seized or recovered, totalling $686,400.

“Overall, last year we saw fewer tips, arrests, charges, and cases cleared than in 2021,” President of Crime Stoppers Amanda Halderman said. “However, we saw a large increase in the value of total property cash and drugs that were seized or recovered as a result of these tips.”

Halderman noted that the total dollar value of what was recovered and seized was the highest in the past four years.

She also said that she could contribute three things to their successful year.

“An outstanding relationship with Regina Police Service, the citizens of Regina who have supported Regina Crime Stoppers, and our corporate partners who make our outreach possible.”

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said that their partnership with RCS is one of the most important they have.

“It’s one that we have valued for 38 years. It’s one that has been thriving ever since,” he said. “When we look at the number of tips and the amount of property we seize, the number of cases that we close, so see those numbers, they really fluctuate through the years, and it really does talk about the kind of complexity or the type of crime that the tips are being called in on.”

Crime Stoppers also handed out 31 rewards, amounting to $8,275, just slightly lower than the approved total rewards in 2021.

Halderman said of the 31 rewards. Also, eleven have been claimed and urged the tipsters to follow up to see if they are eligible for a reward.

Tipsters may call the 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) line, or they can check the status of their tip online at

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