Provincial Realtors Association releases 2022 numbers

A year to date decline of three per cent in house sales in Regina, according to the Saskatchewan Realtors Association numbers.
The decline was led by pullbacks in the detached home sector, with sales improving in every other category.
Both new listings and inventory experienced some pullback, the Realtors Association reported, but the benchmark price still increased by over three per cent on an annual basis.
There was a 12 per cent decline in residential real estate sales in 2022, according to their numbers
Sales eased relative to last year, they said, but there were 15,334 recorded sales in 2022, 15 per cent higher than long term averages. The 2022 inventory levels are 11 per cent below levels seen in 2021 and 25 per cent below the 10 year average. Regina had 3,609 sales in 2022, 23 per cent higher than long term trends and well above pre-pandemic activity.
Some areas of the country are experiencing downward price trends, but overall benchmark prices in Saskatchewan for 2022 were over four per cent higher than the year prior.
In Saskatoon, sales were down 15 per cent overall but prices rose nearly five per cent.
Provincewide, there were record sales of apartment condominiums and Saskatchewan had sales stronger than pre-pandemic levels.

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