Regina’s Residential Road Snow Plow underway

The City of Regina kicked off its Residental Road Snow Plow on Monday after receiving around 14 centimetres of snow over the past week.

City crews will plow every residential street between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every day until complete until January 16.

With over 500 kilometres of residential roads to plow, Bien says that crews should finish the work on schedule.

“If the weather cooperates with us, that will be enough days,” he said.” We are on track to complete it when the schedule says. It does give us enough time; we have a lot of crews out on the street performing this work.”

“If we do get a snowfall in that period of time, the residential plow would be put on pause, so we could perform any systematic plow,” he noted.

Bien encourages people to move their vehicles off the roads so crews don’t have to work around.

“When you move your car off the road, it allows our plow teams to be the most efficient and effective as we can when they don’t have to go around parked vehicles; they can clear the roads a lot better.”

Bien said that the plow equipment would leave behind snow ridges.

“There is the risk there will be a snow ridge beside your vehicle if you leave it parked on the road, and if that does happen, the crews will not be back out to remove that snow from around your parked vehicles.”

Bien added that people could type in their addresses online to see when crews will be plowing in their areas and can also download the City of Regina app to get alerts to move their vehicles.

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