Two Overdose Deaths Brings a Warning from Police

After two overdose deaths in a couple of days, the RCMP in Swift Current is warning drug users to be careful with their supply.

A 30 year old man died December 29th, and a 27 year old man died on December 31st.

The two people who died did not consume the same drug.

One substance was a green powder, the other consisted of white or clear crystals.  The two substances did not look like fentanyl, and may not have been sold as fentanyl.  Police tests indicated the presence of fentanyl in both.

Police urge drug users to make sure they do not use drugs alone.

Always have a Naloxone Kit on hand, which are available for free.

Call 9-1-1 if you suspect an overdose is occuring. Because of the criminal nature of drug use, people are reluctant to call for help.

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