Roads Icy, Some Highways Closed

Your ice scraper is going to get a workout this morning.

This run of mild, moist air left a layer of ice on everything outside. Its pretty slippery on the roads, and sidewalks in Regina.

If you are headed out of town, there are a few problems for you to be aware of.

Highway 11 between Bethune and Davidson is “travel not recomended” this hour.

Highways south out of Regina are also “travel not recomended”

The Ring road is slick, and parts of the Trans Canada in and out of Regina are also travel not recommended.

Travel is not recommended on the Trans Canada Highway between Regina and Moose Jaw. Its closed, further west between Mortlach to west of Gull Lake.

Remember, to check the “Highway Hotline” before starting any trip town to town when the weather is less than ideal.

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