Icy Runway Causing Delays and Cancellations at YQR

Air Travel is continuing to recover from all of the stormy, wintery weather over Christmas.

At Regina’s Airport, there are some delays and cancellations because of the weather here.

Airport President and CEO James Bogusz says freezing rain laid a thick coating of ice on the runway.  He tells 620CKRM crews have been working around the clock to try and get the runway back into operation.

As a result some 10 flights were delayed or cancelled before noon today (December 28th) and more are expected throughout the day until the runway can be re-opened.

Bogusz appreciates the hard work the crews have put in, trying to get the runway safe for planes to land, and take off.

The airport’s website (www.yqr.ca) has the latest flight information, as well as some links that may help you re-book.

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