Sunwing cancels most flights to the south

As of last night, Sunwing Airline announced that it has canceled the majority of its flights in western Canada that were departing to the south. Only a few flights remain operational.

“A number of their flights have been canceled out of places like Regina but also other bases in western Canada. So, we’re strongly encouraging anybody who is traveling over the holiday season to please check with your airline before coming to the airport or the flight information at to see if your flight is still operating. Specifically, with Sunwing flights, we’ve seen a very high cancelation rate in recent days and they’re hoping to have that resolved by around the 25th,” says James Bogusz, CEO of the Regina Airport.

Travelers are asked to check Sunwing’s website for updated information on their flight plans.

The Regina Airport Authority has also provided information on its social media platforms to help people amidst the chaos.

“We’ve updated our webpage with some new information on both Facebook and Twitter which links are available at with (more) links directly to the airline webpages which have information about what to do if your plane or flight is canceled,” says Bogusz. There’s also information provided on what to do if your luggage is lost.

“If your flight is canceled and you’re looking to be re-accommodated, we’re going to encourage you to visit our social media pages and please follow those links before you come to the airport,” says Bogusz.

Travelers are also reminded that airport staff is continuously working to keep people comfortable and accommodated. People are asked to have patience and kindness while at the airport.

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