Regina Scouts can pick up your real Christmas Tree after the holidays

The 2nd Regina Scouts Group is bringing back its Christmas tree collection fundraiser for the eighth year.

Last year, the scouts collected roughly 900 trees.

“We pick up trees from front yards and we ask for a donation of $12 and all of the proceeds go to running programs for the youth and outdoor activities, camping, canoeing, all that kind of thing,” says Grant Vogelsanz, a Scouter with the group.

Residents can register online to have their Christmas tree picked up after the holidays.

“We pick up trees on two weekends. This year it’s on January 7th and 14th,” says Vogelsanz.

People can make their donation through the etransfer email on the website or by leaving the money in their mailbox on pick-up day.

All of the trees that are picked up will be taken to the landfill to be properly disposed of.

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