Scammers took down the Regina Airport’s website for over an hour

Earlier today just before noon, the website for the Regina Airport crashed for roughly 90 minutes.

It was discovered that scammers overloaded the website forcing it to crash so they could get information.

Justin Reves with the Regina Airport Authority says it was quickly restored, “The technical teams did a great job, got it back online, and made some changes. We’re hoping it won’t happen again but it’s definitely adding to the challenges of the holiday season.”

He says there have been reports of scammers posing as airline companies to reach people.

“Be weary at this time, especially of anybody who’s doing any kind of giveaways or financial things or when you’re calling phone numbers. Check and make sure you’ve got the correct address you’re going to and the correct phone numbers because there are a lot of nefarious characters out there trying to take advantage of people in the chaos of what’s happening right now,” says Reves.

If the airport website crashes again, reves advises people to get their flight statuses through their plane company’s website.

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