Regina businesses open for that last-minute shopping

It’s a busy time of year for many people, but it’s been very busy for those in retail.
Stores and malls have been busy this month as shoppers try to find themselves that perfect gift.
“It’s been a very busy time for our local retail, and restaurants and shops, and I think people have responded to the shop local campaigns that everybody’s running,” said Tony Playter, CEO of the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce.
There’s only a couple of days left to shop for that perfect gift. If you were to order from an online-only retailer, it probably won’t get here in time.
“When you shop local, you’re guaranteed that your gift is going to be there after the tree,” Playter said.
We’ve all been there: It’s just a couple of days before Christmas and you think you’ve gotten everyone on your list.
Suddenly, you realize you don’t … but not to worry, Regina retailers are coming to the rescue.
“That really benefits our local businesses and organizations,” Playter said. “We encourage that you utilize this time before Christmas Day to purchase something local.”
Playter said inflation has had an impact on some of the extra spending that people will during the holiday season.
“But we expect that inflation will be reduced in the new year, and that people will re-evaluate some of their entertainment dollars that they use and will continue to purchase things locally.”
Still, Playter said the Regina community likes to shop local and they realize their businesses owners are friends, family and neighbours, and they like to make sure they’re taken care of.

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