Volunteers Recognized with Prestigious Honor

Volunteers keep communities going and drive culture and sport in this community.

The importance of volunteerism was honored at Government House in a special ceremony Tuesday.

9 members of the Saskatchewan community were honored and granted a very special medal – the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal.

Established in 1995 the medal recognizes people who have given “without reward or gain, outstanding volunteer service or exceptional community involvement.” The ceremony was attended by numerous representatives from government including Premier Scott Moe.

Among the recipients were individuals from varied walks of life – all who have given freely of their time and energy for the benefit of their community.

One of those people – Joyce Willick. Joyce has spent more than 30 years as the warm smiling face welcoming visitors, athletes, and spectators to the Spiritwood rink. A love for hockey flows through Willick’s commitment to making her community a better place.

“My family, my husband and my seven kids all played hockey for years, it seemed to be the natural progression of things, and it’s been a good one.”

At nearly 85 years old – Willick continues to make sure the ice at the Spiritwood rink is in fantastic shape and ready to accept players – Willick drives the rink’s Zamboni. One of the things Willick note’s as being the biggest challenge for her – time. Finding the time at 85 to dedicate to more community involvement. The award is something Willick was humbled by.

“This could really have been given to anybody. Lot’s of people set out to make a difference in their community. I didn’t set out to receive this award. It just happened and I’m grateful for that.”

Ishita Mann was another of the 9 recipients honored. Her win officially makes her the youngest person to get the award in the province’s history.

At 19 years old, Mann’s list of accomplishments is long, including study at the University of Saskatchewan, and the creation of a non profit organization “Youth helping Youth”, which has brought scholarship opportunities to more than 30,000 students across the province.

Her philosophy is that as part of one global community it is our duty to help one another – as part of the global family. Her motto “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.

“The world is one big family. I believe that, like a family member it my duty to help you, or anyone that I see in need”

The heart, soul, and passion that the award winners carry with them is admirable. The spirit of volunteerism is alive, well, and honored in Saskatchewan.










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