Globe Theatre’s new play is one not to ‘Miss’

Regina-raised actor Sierra Haynes is going to be spending a considerable amount of time talking to herself between now and May 15.

Such is the life of the star of one-woman-show Miss Caledonia, a play about a young woman who wants to leave the farm behind, with desires about being a star in Hollywood.

“If you come to see Miss Caledonia, you’ll see big dreams and big goals, but you’ll also see a realistic story of a young girl who dreams big but ends up finding who she is along the way,” said Haynes. “And it’s lots of fun. it’s pretty hilarious.”

Canadian Playwright Melody A. Johnson was hired by improv great Colin Mochrie for the Toronto Second City Touring Company. Johnson relives her mother’s experiences of farm life and big city dreams with this play.

Haynes plays 16 distinct characters in the show, and she described what that’s like as a performer.

“It was actually different than I expected to be,” she said. “It’s like having a rolodex of personality traits in your brain, and you just flip around and you come into these different characters all the time. I was laughing (because) I was doing a monologue on the drive, and then I had to take myself out of it ‘Sierra, the whole show is a monologue’.”

Haynes will be accompanied musically by fiddle player Emily Dubois.

The play runs until May 15th and is the final play of the Globe’s 2021-22 season.

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