Zachidniak, Tsupa’s children make earth cleaner for Earth Day

John Tzupa and Shanon Zachidniak’s young boys once again made their corner of the earth a little bit greener for Earth Day.

Although it was a cold, windy day outside Friday at the Rick Hansen Optimist Park, five-year-old Ivan Tzupniak knew it was still important to help take care of the earth.

“Because if we don’t do it, there will be too much litter and we won’t have a planet,” he said. He and 7-year-old brother Wylie were joined by their parents, and other friends and family for a couple of hours of cleanup at the park. Pickers and garbage bags in hand, they took a good part of a winter’s worth of rubbish out of the park.

Zachidniak, also a Regina city councillor for Ward 8, said the idea came from Wylie a couple of years ago.

“This was an idea that they had for something that they could do to make a tangible impact,” she said. “And they want to keep doing it every year.”

Tzupa and Zachidniak invited people to take part in the day on their social media channels and have been able to get people chipping in and helping out, not only in Regina, but throughout their friends’ worlds.

And it all started with the kids wanting to make a difference.

“I think it’s really exciting for them to see that it’s not that hard for somebody to take initiative to improve the community,” Zachidniak said.



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