Southeast area under another winter storm warning

After digging themselves out of last weeks blizzard, the southeast section of the province will be dealing with another winter weather event.

Estevan and Weyburn have been issued a winter storm warning with a Colorado low moving in from the United States.

The weather will begin to take a turn for the worst beginning on Friday night according to Environment Canada’s Natalie Hasell. “We’ll see periods of rain or snow, there’s a risk of freezing rain, temperatures will steady at zero, so anything that falls as rain could also freeze making road conditions really difficult.”

As bad as the weather may be during Friday evening, Hasell cautions the worst of the weather front is expected to happen during Saturday. “Tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll see everything switch over to snow and at times snow will be heavy. We expect the winds gusting to 80 km/hr by sometime in the morning, so we will see reduced visibility and blowing snow.”

Throughout the weekend, the southeast may see an accumulation of 25-50 cm of wet snow, with the possibility of some areas receiving around 60 cm of snow.

There is also a potential of power outages in the area with the combination of snow and heavy winds.

Road conditions are expected to be poor throughout the weekend, as Hasell advises anyone who is planning to travel in the southeast to possibly change their plans.

With the poor weather coming through this weekend, Hasell believes having an emergency kit is a good idea for the home and for your vehicle. “So that they can make these waiting out periods or dealing with these emergency periods a little bit more comfortable or a little less difficult.”

The weather is expected to improve on Sunday, but Hasell added below seasonal temperatures will be hanging around the area next week.

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