Blizzard continues to cause problems in southeast Saskatchewan

Long weekend travel plans will likely need to be altered thanks to the blizzard in the southeast.

The Colorado low brought plenty of snow and heavy winds  to the southeast section of the province including Regina.

Dan Fulton from Environment Canada noted it is difficult to accurately measure total snowfall amounts at this time due to the heavy winds, but estimated the Estevan area has seen between 15-25 cm with the current weather front.

Visibility was a concern for drivers around the Regina area last night with the blowing snow  according to Fulton. He added blowing snow will continue in the Regina area on Thursday with the possibility of another 5-10 cm of snow by the end of the day along with winds that could be around 50 km/hr.

The blizzard warning has been removed in the southeast region, but Fulton noted there is a possibility of a blowing snow advisory being issued if the visibility within the area is reduced with the combination of snow and heavy winds.

The current weather front is slowly making its way east as Fulton points out, with the brunt of the storm in Minnesota on Thursday morning moving its way into northern Ontario.

The snow will likely begin to taper off this evening says Fulton but added there is a possibility of additional flurries tomorrow. He added the wind speeds should be light on Friday.

The Highway Hotline is reporting closures in the southeast section due to the blizzard for Thursday morning.

Highway #1 east of Whitewood is closed along with Highway #48 and #8.

Travel is not recommended on Highway #1 east of Balgonie.

All transportation for the Regina Public Schools has been cancelled for Thursday morning.

For a full list of road conditions, you can check the highway hotline.

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