Renaissance Retirement Residence providing support for Ukraine

The Renaissance Retirement Residence will be doing their part to help with the relief efforts in Ukraine tonight.

They will be holding a performance from 30 Chaban Ukrainian dancers beginning at 7:00, everyone is welcome to attend the performance.

Recreation Director Sharon Gogel says the dancers will not only provide entertainment for the residents with their dancing skills, but they will also tell stories about having relatives that are currently in Ukraine.

Some of the members of the residence are from Ukraine Gogel explains, she added it is important to provide the residents with some first hand experiences. “They hear stuff on the news and they see stuff, but for them to actually hear from granddaughters who have grandparents who are actually in Ukraine, I think it’s really going to impact their lives.”

This afternoon residents will also hear a couple who used to live in Ukraine. Gogel noted the couple have been keeping in contact with residents currently in Ukraine. The couple will speak to members of the residence via Zoom, which Gogel says gives the residents a chance to see the couple when they are speaking.

The performance from the Ukrainian dancers is one of the fundraisers the residence will be holding on Tuesday. Gogel said they will be holding a raffle draw, a 50-50 draw along with a silent auction. All of the proceeds from the fundraisers will go towards the Salvation Army.

Gogel added the residence will accept donations from the community and pass them along to Salvation Army.

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