City of Regina reminding residents to be careful as storm approaches

As many Regina residents were enjoying some spring weather, Old Man Winter has decided he isn’t ready to get his annual nap.

The City expects to get hit with 10 to 20 centimetres of snow over the next couple of days, with winds hitting 60 kilometres an hour.

Tyler Bien, the manager of roadway seasonal operations with the City of Regina, said when the storm hits, crews will be ready.

“The City is ready to respond with any plowing, and ice control needs to keep the traffic moving,” he said. “During a snowstorm, the crews work 24 hours a day, seven days a week; we focus on high speed, high volume roads.”

The City is advising residents to stay home if possible; if they can’t Bien reminds residents to be careful when hitting the road.

“Just take your time if you do have to venture out; make sure you leave yourself lots of travel time. Avoid the perimeter roads with the 60 km/h winds; a lot of those roads made get blown in, visibility may be reduced, so take your time, plan your route.”

Due to the storm, the City has had to pause its spring street sweep program until conditions improve. Sweeping of high traffic roads, downtown and Cathedral area neighbourhoods began on April 10.

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