A 30 year storm is drawing closer to Saskatchewan

Environment Canada is telling residents in southeast Saskatchewan to brace themselves for what could be the worst spring storm Saskatchewan has faced in nearly 30 years.

This has prompted a blizzard warning for the southeast section of Saskatchewan including Estevan, Weyburn, Carlyle, and Moosomin.

Environment Canada’s Kyle McAuley says Regina will also get some snow from the Colorado low that is moving up from the United States. He said the Regina area could upwards of 5-10 cm of snow on Wednesday which would be followed by a smaller amount on Thursday and possibly into Friday.

The Colorado low is a slow moving front according to McAuley, he pointed out the weather front will likely not leave the area until Friday, and even then, below seasonal temperatures are expected to remain in the area for a few days at least.

Provincial RCMP are asking motorists to have adequate supplies, a fully charged cell phone, and to avoid travel in blizzard conditions. Up to date road conditions can be found on the provincial highway hotline here.

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