“The Government has given up on us” – Saskatchewan Dr. sounds the alarm on Premier Moe’s approach to COVID 19

Dr. Brady Bouchard is a family physician in the province – and he has a dire message for Saskatchewan residents. COVID-19 is far from over. Going forward he says 1 out of every 125 Saskatchewanians will die from COVID-19, 15-30% of people may have long term illness from a COVID infection.

Dr. Bouchard also says that heading into the Easter weekend are are in what could possibly be the worst rise of COVID-19 cases at any point in the pandemic.

“Saskatoon reported a 742% increase in viral load found in wastewater.” says Dr. Bouchard. That number is troubling for him and others within the provincial medical community.

According to Dr.Bouchard – the levels of patients being seen in hospitals across the province is an indicator that the pandemic hasn’t ended, even though out government seems to have forgotten about the pandemic.

“People who work in healthcare are frustrated. Politically we seem to have moved on as we face what could be our biggest peak of COVID-19 cases so far. All we are asking for from the government is to acknowledge that, treat it seriously, make available PCR testing, and ask people to wear masks and isolate a little more vigorously.” Dr Bouchard says that government date needs to be reported more frequently and without a delay so people can conduct an accurate risk assessment.

“I have been giving people the intuitive answer as to how many cases I see. Right now is the worst I’ve seen it.” Dr.Bouchard shared with 620CKRM.  He says on his last emergency shift every patient he saw had COVID, or complications from COVID-19.

“People should be wearing a mask, isolating as much as they can, and testing regularly if they can. Ideally the government would bring back a mask mandate.”

Dr.Bouchard says masking is by far the safest intervention we can do, coming together collectively and caring about one another.

Social media posts from nurses and doctors in the province paints a grim picture. Full ICU’s, Full emergency rooms. Tired professionals and thousands just not getting the care they should be in the province.

“You will get treated – but you won’t get the best care. Our hospitals are completely full. We have a backlog in surgeries, backlog in preventative care, a backlog in basically everything. People are nit getting the care they should expect in Saskatchewan,” says Dr.Bouchard.

Part of the problem is the reoccurrence of infection. At one point is was rare to see multiple bouts of COVID-19 in one patient, with mutating strains – this is no longer the case.

“As the virus mutates, vaccines are still efficacious – but it is not as good as it was. It’s an absolutely safe intervention, but people are getting re-infected again. Which is part of the problem.”

Children ages 5 and under are still unable to receive a vaccine, which is frustrating for parents facing rising numbers of COVID cases in day care and elementary schools.

“Our hospitals are full of kids right now, I am seeing kids with fevers and respiratory issues that may not be COVID-19, but are part of a very late flu season hitting a hospital system that is already full.”

Medications like Tylenol and Advil have been difficult to source for young kids – but many of the pharmacies across the province are unable to keep those items in stock. Dr Bouchard says this lack of available medicine is a key indicator that the levels are high.

“It’s frustrating. It’s been 2 years of this. Everyone is tired and burnt out – but we are going into yet another wave of this, and now were doing it without government support.”

Access to data is key says Dr.Bouchard. This concept is one the province has steered away from, reducing COVID reporting to weekly, and in some instances providing delayed numbers regarding deaths and active cases, leaving Saskatchewan residents without a way to gain a clear picture of risk, and make the best possible choices for themselves and their families.

“We need government to step up and do what they should be doing. Particularly a mask mandate, encouraging isolation and giving us the data we need. We don’t have access to that data right now. The Government has given up on us”.




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