The Twelfth Year project puts a special focus on graduates

The Twelfth Year  project is a program with an aim to showcase exceptional high school students in our community. The program profiles up to 4 grade 12 students from Regina and surrounding area, showcasing students who are exemplary leaders working towards excellence and bringing about community change.

Erin Ball and Andrea Norberg are at the helm of the annual project for the last several years. Norberg says the project has a far reaching impact on students. “recognition about the special things students are putting out into the world is so important. It has a ripple affect that boosts confidence and reinforces the positive things that students are doing.”

The pair takes photos of the students in their element doing things that they love and participating in activities that are a huge part of their lives.

“The whole point is to showcase their passions,” says Ball “we really try and make sure that student loves are being showcased.”

The pair receives a huge amount of applications from teachers. “We have gotten some really impassioned submissions from teachers who feel their kids should be recognized for their accomplishments and feel that their students are going to make a difference in the world.”

“These kids are so driven,” says Norberg, “it amazes me what they have done to this point. Feedback and support for my passions didn’t happen until I was in my late 20’s. I feel like the earlier you can learn the power of networking and the power of putting yourself out there – the better. The more you do, the more confidence you gain, the more you want to put yourself out there.”

“we have an opportunity for these kids to show the best of themselves. To be able to give them confidence to continue doing what they’re doing and grow from that. In their inner circles kids are getting feedback from peers – but it doesn’t seem exceptional. They need to know there are people noticing.”

Another major benefit of the 12th year program is it’s appearance on a resume or a university application. Students who participate also have a chance at a $1000.00 bursary.

The project is currently working with the class of 2022, and is accepting nominations  via – nominations are open until April 14th @11:59 pm.

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