Help Bring the 2023 IIHF World Juniors to Saskatchewan!

Green is the color in Saskatchewan – this time to support the 2023 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. The #BringitHomeSK campaign is being launched by Tourism Regina – with green as the color. Leaders and members of communities across the province are being encouraged to wear green – and to light buildings around the province green in support of the bid

Hockey is at the heart of Saskatchewan – with trips to the rink on Saturday mornings woven into the fabric of childhood. There may be no more fitting place in the country to host the World Juniors. The province has seen the likes of Ryan Getzlaf, Connor Bedard, and the legendary Gordie Howe take to the ice with Saskatchewan pride.

In Saskatchewan not only do we bleed green for football – we bleed green for hockey as well.

The 2023 world juniors were originally slated to be held in Novosibirsk and Omsk Russia. Given the Russian invasion of Ukraine the location of the juniors changed and a host city is yet to be announced. Saskatchewan is hopeful that at the end of April – the province will be announced officially to host the event.

A social media initiative is being launched encouraging everyone to share why they love hockey and why they want the Juniors to come to the province.

Use the hashtag #BringitHomeSK and tag @hockeyCanada, @iihfhockey or @tourismregina on social media to show the world why you want the Juniors to come to Saskatchewan.




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