Province’s weekly COVID snapshot indicates more in hospital

There were 24 deaths newly reported from COVID in this week’s report from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.
Of the deaths, one person was between 20 and 39, five were between 40 and 59, five were in their 60s and 5 were in their 70s. The remaining eight deaths were reported in people 80 and older. Sixteen of the deaths occurred within the week and eight others occurred in previous weeks but were reported this week.
In the week, there were 1,032 new cases reported, which is down from last week’s 1,196. The bulk of the new cases were located in Saskatoon (304), Regina (178), central east (128) and the southeast (71).  The province said rates should be interpreted with caution because they do not include cases detected by home rapid-antigen test kits.
Also, 20 confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care and care home settings were reported this week.
Hospitalizations were up to 354 on April 6 compared to 324 a week ago, with 20 in ICU compared to 21 last week. The average daily admissions went up from 27 to 28 over the previous seven days.

The province said that for the week ending April 3, there were 1,861 calls overall to 811 (HealthLine) and of those calls, 280 of the callers had COVID symptoms, or 150.5/1000 calls. That’s higher than the 126.5 /1000 calls the previous week.

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