Microchip Shortage Pauses SaskPower’s Plans

SaskPower customer’s hopeful to receive new smart power meters this spring are going to be disappointed.

Initial plans to bring new meters to rural and farming customers have hit a snag as the power company says it is unable to acquire the meters due to a supply chain issue a lack of microchips.

SaskPower spokesperson Joel Cherry says the impact of global supply chain issues are affecting numerous industries.

“Globally there is a significant shortage of microchips – which is affecting production of all kinds of consumer good and products. It’s affecting everyone – from the automobile industry to meter production.

Rural and farming customers were among the first to receive notification that new meters would be installed this spring – the power company says the program is paused indefinitely.

“We are waiting for word from our supplier as to when new meters will be available – short answer is we are waiting for word – and once we receive that we will resume those installations”. says Cherry.

The company announced in the latter part of 2021 that they would be preparing to install smart meters throughout the province after an initial project saw the meters placed on the homes of 17,000 Saskatchewan residents.





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