Consultant hired for preliminary design for Ring Road rail relocation

The City of Regina has hired a consulting firm to look at relocating the rail lines that cross Ring Road.

Stantec Consulting Ltd. has been hired to explore a preliminary design for relocating the rail line crossings. A Feasibility Study was completed in 2019 to examine options, costs and benefits, and relocation was selected as the most beneficial option.

The preliminary design will further investigate the solution concept identified in the Feasibility Study. The scope includes engineering investigation and design, railway operational plans, public and stakeholder engagement and cost estimating.

“The relocation solution the city is potentially pursuing would address traffic delays and move trains away from residential areas to the northeast industrial area,” Deborah Bryden, executive director of city planning and community development, said in a release. “Rail is vital to the movement of goods and will be necessary to service proposed new developments including canola crushing plants and other economic opportunities around our city.”

“Stantec is proud to be selected by the City of Regina for this important project, which will directly impact the efficiency of our transportation system,” says Josh Richer, Principal at Stantec. “We have been providing consulting services with the City of Regina since 1983, and we look forward to engaging with our community.”

A recommendation report is expected at Council in 2023, with council approval needed to move forward.

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