Local students will get a free lesson of ringette

The classroom for over local 700 students today will be at the Ringette rink.

28 classes from 11 different schools from the local area will be taking a field trip to the Co-Operators Centre to watch a couple of games from the Western Canadian Ringette Championships.

The Regina Ringette Association will be sponsoring the cost of the buses for the field trip and will be providing free admission for the students on Friday afternoon.

Marketing Director Darin Degenstein says the idea of the students attending the games today was inspired by many teachers who are involved with Ringette and believed it would be a fun experience for the kids. “It’s an opportunity for school teachers to bring their classes in to watch a couple of these games, interact with our mascot Sneaky Deke.” Degenstein added that will be announcing the classrooms during the game.

The students will watch the U14AA Team Saskatchewan against Team Alberta at 12:45 which will be followed U18+A Team Saskatchewan face Team BC at 2:15.

The atmosphere for the adult game at 2:15 should be electric according to Degenstein. “The adult game they will be playing Team BC, so having all these folks come from BC and they will have their own fans travel with them to see all this and I think will really sends a great message about our community.”

Most people compare ringette to hockey, but Degenstein says there are plenty differences between the two sports. “Comparing ringette to hockey is like comparing hockey to basketball, they’re different sports and require different kind of skills and focus on different things like skating agility, speed, and the fact they have to pass it over the bluelines and there no offsides , a shot clock, all of these nuances.”

While mostly women play ringette, Degenstein noted there a few boys who have played in ringette.

On April 23 & 24, the Regina Ringette Association will be holding a couple of sessions that will allow anyone who is interested in playing the sport an opportunity to learn about the sport in comfortable environment.

The Western Canadian Championships kicked off on Thursday and will wrap up on Sunday.

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