SGI spotlight on driving while suspended and driving unregistered vehicles

SGI’s traffic safety focus for April is on suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles.

SGI spokesman Tyler McMurchy says it’s actually quite a problem in Saskatchewan.

“We do see many people who are driving suspended, many people who were driving unregistered vehicles, and in both cases, that jeopardizes your insurance coverage of course,” said McMurchy. “It’s also illegal and when you’re driving with a suspended license, you are contravening the law and you are doing something you have been specifically told not to do.”

McMurchy said that in 2021, there were 2,000 drivers convicted for suspended driving, and 9,000 for driving an unregistered vehicle.

“That’s thanks to the 185 automated license plate readers that are in law enforcement vehicles throughout the province,” he said. “These devices can read one license plate per minute. So if you’re passing a police vehicle that’s equipped with one of these, it will alert the police officer.”

Drivers caught with a suspended license may have their vehicle impounded and be given a court summons. Different penalties may apply after a conviction, which could include a fine, license suspension or even jail time.

“When someone drives with a suspended license or in an unregistered vehicle, may not have insurance coverage if they cause a collision,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund said in a media release. “Uninsured drivers can find themselves on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars resulting from damages and injury benefits to the other people involved.”

Driving an unregistered vehicle can cause a $580 fine and could lead to your vehicle being impounded.


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