Ice jams observed in southern Saskatchewan: WSA

With the spring melt seemingly underway, the Water Security Agency is making the public aware that some ice is jamming in areas of southern Saskatchewan.
An ice jam was observed within the Qu’Appelle River near Craven. The Water Security agency says additional ice jamming could occur from Buffalo Pound Lake down to Pasqua Lake over the next few days where river ice remains.

“WSA is aware of high water levels in the Craven area both above and below the Craven Control Structure. WSA’s operating objective for the spring melt is to maximize diversions into Last Mountain Lake to improve lake levels; however, the presence of ice is limiting the volumes moving into Last Mountain Lake and resulting in higher water levels in the area,” said a release Friday from the water security agency. “As a result, to help reduce the risk of flooding above the Craven Control and damage to the control structure gates, some water is being passed downstream on the Qu’Appelle River.”

The WSA said they are monitoring the situation closely.

On the Moose Jaw River, the water security agency says residents are advised to be aware of the potential for ice jamming and possible flooding downstream of the Kingsway weir.

They add residents are advised to be aware of the potential for additional ice jams and possible localized flooding.

“Warmer temperatures and higher flow rates may weaken the integrity of ice and reduce the potential for ice jamming,” a release said.

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