Sask government removes PST on farm dugout construction

The agriculture ministry budget has increased almost 20 percent this year as outlined in Wednesday’s budget speech.

Agriculture minister David Marit says the rise reflects a strong crop insurance program this year and record agriculture research funding.

The business risk programs will cost 339 million dollars, reflecting a huge chunk of the 462 million dollar budget.

More than 250 million dollars is budgeted for crop insurance as average coverage reaches a record level of 405 dollars per acre.

Effective April first, there will be a PST exemption for on-farm digging of dugouts.

Agricultural research funding in the coming year is a record 34 million dollars, which includes 2 million dollars in new funding for the Global Institute for Food Security.

The Instititute will look to improve and highlight the environmental outcomes from farming in Saskatchewan.

There is an additional 2.5 million dollars to support irrigation development in Saskatchewan.

Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan sees a doubling of its budget to 1.6 million dollars.

General farm reaction has been positive and supportive of the government spending priorities on agriculture.


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