NDP says Sask. Party ‘lost track’ with provincial budget

The Official Opposition feels that the 2022-23 budget deepens the affordability crisis and that the Sask. Party has lost touch with the needs of Saskatchewan families.

This is due to no new relief measures, 32 new taxes and fees and no support for seniors or students who need support post-pandemic; this budget reveals a government that has lost track of what’s most important to Saskatchewan people.

Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili said that when families needed a lifeline in the province, the Sask. Party threw them an anchor.

“Hard-working people are struggling with increased costs at the grocery store, at the pump and in their housing, but this government isn’t listening. Not only does this budget not offer any relief for families just trying to make ends meet, it increases taxes and fees when people are already struggling to make ends meet,” said Meili. “These are very serious times, with increased uncertainty caused by world events. Saskatchewan people deserve solutions to serious problems. Budget 2022 fails to offer any vision to grow our province.”

The NDP listed multiple ways the budget fails families as it offers no economic relief to families struggling to make ends meet, failing to invest in education, hiking the PST, increasing property taxes, leaving Saskatchewan with the lowest minimum wage in Canada, failing to prepare the province for changing labour force needs, and slashing workforce development by 41%.

Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon said the province is cranking up the costs on residents.

“Nickel-and-diming folks at a time they desperately need relief. We need to be supporting our hospitality and tourism sector and encouraging people to come together as communities. Instead, we see new tax measures that make events less accessible for Saskatchewan families,” said Wotherspoon. “This is a budget soaring with resource revenues that don’t trickle down to people crushed by cost of living increases. We need investments that secure our future. This budget fails to deliver the relief Saskatchewan people need.”

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