Agribition outlines the 2022/2023 Next Gen farm mentorship program


Canadian Western Agribition has announced the farm mentees and their paired mentors in the coming year.

Agribition delivers the next Gen Agriculture mentorship program in partnership with the province and the federal government.

Agribition accepts 8 participants in an 18-month mentorship experience.

The program is now in its fourth cycle.

Mentees and their paired mentors include
Kaitlyn Kitzan, paired with Dale Leftwich.

David MacTaggart paired with Bill Greuel

Erika Stewart, paired with Mike Sidoryk

and Kristin Thompson, paired with Tara Davidson.

Other mentees and their paired mentors include

Brooke Dudley, paired with Alison Weaver

Chelsey Mitchell, paired with Megz Reynolds

Morgan Heidecker, paired with Sheldon Kyle

and Rena Leier, paired with Clinton Monchuk.

Agriculture minister David Marit says the Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship program plays an important part in the sustainability of the agriculture sector.

Through the program, he says bright, young leaders can develop essential skills to advance their careers and the industry.


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