Spring melt unveiling potholes

The City of Regina has had a busy start to the year, receiving requests to fill potholes.

The City has received 169 requests this year from January 1 to March 21, almost double last year’s three-year high of 84 last year.

With all those requests, crews will be busy. However, Chris Warren, the director of roadways and transportation with the City of Regina, said city crews are able to do temporary repairs, but permanent fixes can’t be done until patching season from May to October.

“If a pothole is found out to be potentially hazardous or dangerous due to its size or impact on traffic flow,” he said. “It will be barricaded, prioritized and filled within one week.”

Warren said that they would be prioritizing high-priority roads before they fill residential roads.

“Main roads such as bus routes and high traffic volume roads such as Lewvan Drive and Ring Road, are prioritized first, followed by residential roads throughout those neighbourhoods.”

Warren adds that people should ‘just really slow down and just be aware”‘ while driving.

The City of Regina’s roadways asphalt maintenance budget is approximately $6 million for 2022.

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