‘Tis the season for a car wash

This is one of the warmest weekends of 2022, and thanks to the spring melt, our vehicles are probably looking more than a little dirty.
Doug Vollman, the affable Uncle Doug from Uncle Doug’s Car Wash in Regina, said people aren’t quite going for the full on spring time cleaning yet.
“It’s more of a rinse-off,” Vollman said just outside of his busy car wash on First Avenue and McIntyre. “When the streets dry up, then we’ll get a complete cleaning. It’s more of just people rinsing off their cars two or three times a week now.”
In general, Vollman said the spring time is the busiest time of the year for his car wash.  But it’s been steady so far already.
“The streets are pretty wet right now,” he said. “You can see the cars, some of them are coming in really dirty. I figure within a week, the streets will be dry and you’ll see more people coming in for a full wash. Within a week you’ll see them lined up to the street here.”

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